Adapting to Technology-Assisted Family-Based Treatment

Joshua Irvine, MA, LPC

1.0 Hours Credit (To be applied toward annual training hours in ESFT)
Cost: Free

The five webinars here are comprised of excerpts from a day-long didactic Josh Irvine provided to three CFBT training sites: Altoona, Harrisburg/Susquehanna, and PCS. The didactics were presented during the initial four weeks of shelter-in-place when agencies were just moving to telehealth-only sessions. Together, these five webinars name the challenges therapists and supervisors are now facing, provide creative ideas for engaging family members using a telehealth format, and provide a framework for furthering personal and professional adaptation. Therapists will find these webinars validating and reassuring. Therapists are reminded that ESFT can help to anchor them as they experiment with adapting their usual techniques to a new context.


As a result of completing this training activity,  participants will be able to:

1. Identify strategies for engaging caregivers reluctant to continue with telehealth based services.
2. Explain why and how expectations for families in telehealth treatment need to be revised.
3. Identify what it is like to be a family-based therapist delivering services while sheltering-in-place.
4. Identify four creative strategies therapists have successfully used to further treatment in video sessions.
5. Apply a stage of grief framework to the navigation of pandemic related loss and change.

This online distance learning workshop includes videos, readings, and links to other online resources and to ensure comprehension of the material.

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