An Introduction to Systems Theory & Eco-Systemic Family Therapy

CE Hours: 2.0

Cost: $24


C. Wayne Jones, PhD

This course is an initial orientation to the ESFT clinical model for therapists providing intensive, in-home family treatment to children with SED and their families. The ESFT model is placed in historical context and an overview of the model is provided.  Because systems theory is at the core of ESFT case conceptualization and practice, several webinars in this course are devoted to describing in detail the nature of a systemic mindset and what makes it distinctive from other clinical perspectives.  Many of the basic concepts used in ESFT are introduced in order to help therapists become familiar with the language of the model.  

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  1. Describe the key elements of Eco-Systemic Family Therapy.
  2. Define treatment mindset and how it shapes a therapist’s clinical decision-making
  3. Describe the historical roots of ESFT
  4. Identify the distinguishing characteristics of a systemic mindset
  5. Describe four non-systemic mindsets and how they shape treatment
  6. Describe what therapists working from a systemic mindset do in treatment sessions

This online distance learning course includes webinars, readings, links to other online resources on trauma, and post-tests to ensure comprehension of the material.

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