Foundations 1: Orienting Families to In-Home, Family-Based Treatment

Colmar: Thursday, 9/20/18
PA Counseling Services: Thursday 9/27/18
Philhaven: Friday, 10/5/18

This workshop is designed to help therapists develop a method for explaining the ESFT treatment approach to families.  One exercise involves practicing an “elevator speech” which describes the essence of the approach in a brief, simple way. Another component of orienting families to the model is the therapist’s use of relational language.  This workshop identifies important relational expressions all family-based therapists should use regularly in their conversations with family members. The importance of gaining meaningful informed consent is stressed, and how this is related to treatment buy-in.  This workshop also reviews basic principles and practices therapists should keep in mind when working in family homes.


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will be able to:

  1. Describe the basics of the ESFT treatment approach, i.e. how it works
  2. Identify relational terms that can be used in questions and comments that underscores a systemic perspective
  3. Explain the link between “buy-in” and informed consent to treatment
  4. Identify personal challenges in learning and implementing family based treatment
  5. Develop and demonstrate an “elevator speech” that simply describes the model in a role play
  6. Identify basic principles of home based treatment