Foundations 5: Recognizing Boundaries and Boundary Problems in Families

Philhaven: Friday, 1/18/19
Colmar: Thursday, 1/31/19
PA Counseling Services: Thursday 2/14/19

Working with boundaries is an integral part of the ESFT model. This workshop focuses on helping therapists to assess boundary functioning in family systems and to recognize problematic boundaries. Therapist will also be given some tools on how to work with boundaries in family therapy sessions. Therapists will have opportunity to reflect on dilemmas they may face in setting boundaries combined with an opportunity to practice working with boundaries in sessions through case vignettes and the case presentations for the day.


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will be able to:

  1. Define boundaries as it relates to family systems
  2. Assess boundary functioning in families
  3. Have some tools for helping family members set boundaries
  4. Identify some specific challenges that may make boundary setting difficult for them
  5. Practice maintaining boundaries in therapy sessions (block blame and judgement, etc)
  6. Use case presentations to practice identifying boundary issues

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