Foundations 7: Working with Reactivity and Strong Affect in Therapy Sessions

Colmar: Thursday, 3/7/19
Philhaven: Friday, 3/15/19
PA Counseling Services: Thursday 4/18/19

Dealing with reactivity and strong affect are an integral part of systemic therapy.   A strong therapeutic alliance helps therapists to regulate intensity in sessions.   Participants will be able to identify what might cause reactions in family therapy sessions and how to respond.  Therapists will have an understanding of the drama triangle and will have opportunity to look at their role in working with reactivity in therapy sessions.  Role plays will be utilized to give therapist opportunity to practice responding to high reactivity directed to them in sessions.


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will have opportunity to:

  1. Identify three common reasons that family members may react negatively during therapy sessions.
  2. Describe three strategies therapists can use to remain calm and manage stress during therapy sessions.
  3. Describe three strategies for creating emotional safely in therapy sessions.
  4. Explain Karpman’s Drama Triangle and how to identify this pattern in therapy sessions.
  5. Identify preferred personal conflict management styles.
  6. Describe three strategies for managing a caregiver’s negative reaction directed at the therapist.

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