Planning for Safety and Mitigating Crises in Telehealth

Marlene Reiff, LCSW, LMFT
Tara Byers, MS, NCC, LPC
Shannan Stalnaker, MS, LPC

1.0 Hours Credit (To be applied toward annual training hours in ESFT)
Cost: Free

This webinar is the first in the series, addressing the biggest concern therapists have about working in a telehealth-only format – child and family safety.  The risk for suicide and violence is expected to climb as families in conflict who are living in cramped quarters can not get space from one another.  Negative patterns can easily escalate.  This webinar addresses telehealth based strategies for monitoring risk, de-escalating negative patterns, and working with caregivers to manage crises in the home,  This 37-minute webinar is an edited version of two different virtual workshops, one led by Tara Byers to the general staff at Pennsylvania Counseling Services, and the other led by Marlene Reiff and Shannon Stalnaker at a family-based supervisor training at Wellspan-Philhaven.   The format is conversational.

As a result of completing this training activity,  participants will be able to:

1. Identify common challenges therapists face in promoting safety and mitigating crisis in telehealth-only services.
2. Identify 10 actions that therapists can take to promote safety and mitigate crises

This online distance learning workshop includes videos, readings, and links to other online resources and to ensure comprehension of the material.

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