Core Treatment Tasks of the First 30 Days

CE Hours: 4.0
Cost: $48
Instructor: C. Wayne Jones, PhD

The first 30 days can be the most critical phase in a course of treatment. This is when the treatment focus is set and when children and their caregivers determine whether their therapists can truly help them. Too often, however, the clinical tasks necessary to effectively set the stage for change are side-lined by competing administrative tasks, and the opportunity for meaningful engagement is lost. This course focuses on four treatment steps strongly linked to motivation and engagement. These steps include orienting family members to a relational model, identifying and convening key members of the treatment system, cultivating an executive treatment team, and using assessment tools to contextualize problems and reduce blaming.

This is an Intermediate Level course. The target audience is all behavioral health professionals working with children and adolescents.


Learning Objectives

1. Identify the critical clinical tasks of the first 30 days and explain how they affect family motivation and engagement.
2. Describe the use of family assessment tools in contextualizing problems and solutions.
3. Describe the stages of change model and how it can inform selection of interventions.
4. Describe five steps for creating an executive treatment team.
5. Describe four action steps therapists can take in sessions to create a sense of emotional safety for families.

This course uses an online distance-learning self-paced format.  It includes recorded audio, recorded video-based webinars, and selected readings.  There are post-tests to ensure comprehension of the material. Participants can communicate with the instructors via the online moodle interface. Real-time communication with the instructor in our online, self-paced distance learning courses is not possible. However, participants can send an email to the instructor via the online moodle interface within the course and expect to receive a response within 48 hours. All course content, including post-tests, should take approximately four hours to complete.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: The Meaning and Importance of Setting the Stage (25 minutes)
    • Webinar: An Overview of the Treatment Tasks Related to Setting the Stage Reading: The Art of the First Session
  • Unit 2: The Nature of Motivation to Change (Approx 65 minutes)
    • Webinar: Motivational Interviewing and Its Application to Family Based Treatment
    • Reading: Motivational Interviewing Explained
  • Unit 3: Establishing an Executive Treatment Team (50 minutes)
    • Webinar: Identifying Who Should Be Included in the Treatment Executive Team
    • Webinar: Engaging the Peripheral or Reluctant Caregiver
  • Unit 4: Creating a Safe Environment (40 minutes)
    • Webinar: Four Strategies for Creating Safety in Sessions
  • Unit 5: Contextualizing Problems (40 minutes)
    • Webinar: Using the :Process of Assessment to Contextualize Problems
    • Reading: Contextualizing Problems in Setting the Stage for Change

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