Setting Up and Conducting Telehealth Sessions
that Maximize Engagement

Facilitator: Joshua Burton, LPC
1.0 Hours Credit (To be applied toward annual training hours in ESFT)
Cost: Free

This webinar addresses the basics of providing family treatment through a telehealth format. While the fundamental principles of ESFT remain the same, there is so much more that therapists must consider to create an experience of connection with family members and to keep them engaged.   The first part of this webinar (25-minutes) focuses on three critical components of setting the stage for a telehealth session.  that is, what therapists must consider before beginning a session.   The second part of this webinar focuses on two critical components of conducting telehealth sessions so they can be therapeutic.

The discussants in this webinar include:

C. Wayne Jones, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Center for Family Based Training
Tara Byers, MS, NCC, LPC, Clinical Director, Children’s Services, PCS
Adam Boguski, MDiv, Clinical Consultant, PCS Family Based Program – Lancaster
Dan Gilmore, MA, LPC, Family Based Program Director, Merakey Montco
Elizabeth Eby, MS, LPC, OP Site Coordinator, Gemma Services

As a result of completing this training activity,  participants will be able to:

1. Identify strategies fr keeping telehealth sessions professional.
2. Identify information to consider when helping family members choose the best device for linking into a video session.
3. Identify actions therapists must take to create a productive structure for sessions
4. Clarify the critical importance of working through caregivers to have successful sessions
5. Identify strategies for conveying energy and affect in telehealth sessions

This online distance learning workshop includes videos, readings, and links to other online resources and to ensure comprehension of the material.

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