TA-ESFT with Families Challenged by ASD or ID

Steve Simms, Ph.D., LMFT & Jennifer Benjamin, Ph.D., LPC
Philadelphia Child & Family Therapy Training Center
Kathleen Corcharon, MA, Mike Cerqua, MBA, Brian Speth, MA
Western Psych Psychiatric Hospital
Josh Hoch, MA
Pennsylvania Mentor Family Based Services

1.0 Hours Credit (To be applied toward annual training hours in ESFT)
Cost: Free

Covid-19’s ultimate impact on child development, family life, and our social world is not yet known. It is likely that the suffering of many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or intellectual disability (ID) and their families is already made worse. Covid-19 has pushed services as usual out the window for consumers, their families, and clinicians. The FBMHS team must creatively implement adaptive interventions through technology-assisted methods. This webinar describes and illustrates four rules of thumb for implementing Technology-Assisted-Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy (TA-ESFT).  One set the stage of therapy through the professional’s ethical obligation to promote the wellbeing of the consumer. Two, secure the collaboration of the caregiver(s). Three, keep up adherence to TA-ESFT with the use of a checklist. Finally, promote professional competence with TA-ESFT through practice in supervision and training. Discussants elaborate on each rule of thumb and provide many relevant clinical examples.


  1. The viewer will understand that the Covid-19 imposed global pandemic requires the FBMHS team to creatively implement adaptive interventions through technology-assisted methods.
  2. The viewer will describe four (4) rules of thumb for implementing Technology-Assisted- Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy (TA-ESFT).

This online distance learning workshop includes videos, readings, and links to other online resources and to ensure comprehension of the material.

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