Becoming a Family Based Therapist: A Guide to Training

CE Hours: 1.5

Cost: $18


C. Wayne Jones, PhD

The process of how one becomes a skilled family based therapist can often be murky.  This course, through selected readings and a webinar, serves as a guide.  This course highlights the specific skills that allow therapists to be helpful to the children and families they serve.  Strengthening these clinical competencies is the primary goal of the CFBT training program. Understanding the nature of these competencies can help therapists organize their efforts so they accomplish their learning goals.  This course describes the structure of the different training components involved in the family based training, as well as the rationale for them. Tips are provided for getting the most out of both supervision  and training.

This course is appropriate for beginner through advanced level practitioners.


Learning Objectives 

1. Describe the CFBT approach to Family Based training.
2. Identify the specific clinical skills determined to be necessary for you to be a competent and effective FB therapist.
3. Identify the things trainees can do to get the most out of training.
4. Identify the isomorphism between the ESFT approach to treatment and the CFBT approach to training.

This online distance learning course includes video web training, required readings, and a post-test to ensure comprehension of the material.

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