Online FBMHS Courses

While our online courses can stand alone as CE activities, they have been designed primarily to complement our live clinical consultation series, as well as the clinical supervision therapists receive in their agencies.  The topics of our online courses were selected because they represent content knowledge that is considered foundational to learning and implementing ESFT.  In Pennsylvania, all therapists working in Family Based Mental Health Services programs are required to have 18 hours of foundations training in addition to their regular clinical training – these online courses meet this requirement. 

In order to maximize the impact of these online courses, it is recommended that therapists and supervisors collaborate on planning the sequencing of these course sover the course of their first year as a FBMHS therapist.  In those training sites with a Foundations clinical track, the online courses that most relates to the upcoming workshop topic (Foundations schedule) should be given priority for completion.  In this way therapists are better prepared to have their understanding of the content area deepened as they see how the information is applied to clinical cases. Supervisors are encouraged to show selected webinars from the online courses in group supervision where the content can be used to inform case discussions.   

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