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A Story of Hope

(Sponsored by PA Care Partnership and OMHSAS)

Trainer: Bertice Berry, PhD

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Thursday, March 25, 2021, from 2:30 to 4 p.m ET

A Story of Hope 
In this presentation, Sociologist, best-selling author, and mother of five Bertice Berry, Ph.D. argues that how we tell our story is how we are living our lives. “If we can tell better stories, we can live more productive, harmonious, and peaceful lives,” Berry says.

Sociological Story Telling, or using story as a means of understanding, connecting, and belonging is finding a new place among scholars and business leaders. However, Berry points out that it is also an effective tool for empowering its users to present the self they want and need others to see. Click here for more information.

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Through our online continuing education program, behavioral health professionals outside of Pennsylvania’s FBMHS programs can now participate in select courses from our three year comprehensive training program on topics related to the implementation of eco-systemic family based treatment.  CE credits are available to psychologists, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers. See our current online course offerings below.

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Technology-Assisted ESFT Webinars

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