Adam Boguski, MDiv

Adam Boguski, M.Div., has been working with children and families in community and agency based settings for 15 years. Currently he is at Pennsylvania Counseling Services. Since 2013 he has served both as a front line family therapist and clinical supervisor in Pennsylvania’s Family Based Mental Health Services.  He also provides Systemically oriented outpatient treatment to couples and families in Lancaster, PA.

Adam has had extensive training in Structural Family Therapy including supervision and consultation with faculty from The Minuchin Center for the Family, including Jorge Colapinto, Daniel Minuchin and Richard Holm. Through these experiences, Adam has developed a passion for systems theory and the structural approach where therapists foster change by actively facilitating more functional relationships.

Adam is currently a PhD fellow in a marriage and family therapy program. Here he continues to utilize his background and experience in systems theory and application, with research around supervision, training and the application of systemic models of treatment.  Adam is a passionate trainer and teacher and enjoys seeing clinicians grow in their application of ESFT treatment to help families in our communities live out their full potential.