Core Clinical Consultation Series 2022-2023

There are four case-based clinical consultation series, each designed to provide Family Based therapists with focused feedback regarding their efforts to apply the ESFT model across a wide variety of families with different types of presenting problems. In each clinical session, real-world applications of the model are demonstrated through two to three organized case presentations. All presentations follow a standardized format which involves a case write-up and videotape review of sessions. Emphasis is given to recognizing relevant interpersonal patterns believed to be amplifying symptoms and inhibiting the development of recovery.

Each of the three clinical case consultation series are guided by a slightly different focus in case discussions. Jorge Colapinto’s course focuses on systemic case conceptualization and systemic intervention.  Andy Fussner’s course focuses on how to recognize and work effectively with affect in family therapy. Dr. Pollack’s series gives special focus to helping therapists attune to and track subtle emotional processes in family therapy. Dr. Jones’s course is integrative, focusing on how the different components of the ESFT model are used to create change.

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