Core Clinical Consultation Series 2023-2024

This training series is comprised of 10 half-day live streaming modules which build upon and deepen concepts introduced in the Foundations series.  The series is designed for therapists who have completed Level 1 ESFT certification and are currently working toward Level 2 ESFT certification.  Typically, these are therapists in their second and third year of family-based training. Each of the 10 modules are structured similarly. They begin with a brief didactic describing one ESFT concept or skill and a video demonstrating the concept or skill.  There are then two case presentations including videotaped family sessions where application of these concepts and methods are discussed.  The case material is used to create role-plays so that all participants have an opportunity to practice ESFT skills. 

The overarching goals for the core clinical series are aligned with the skills required to complete Level 2 certification. These include the following: 

  1. Deepen trainees’ ability to develop trauma-informed, developmentally grounded, systemic case conceptualizations that link children’s presenting problems to the relational context of the family and community ecosystem.
  2. Sharpen trainees’ ability to identify, track, and utilize emotional processes therapeutically in family sessions. 
  3. Strengthen trainees’ ability to recognize personal or team induction into negative family process and effectively regain a balanced therapeutic position.   
  4. Consistently recognize opportunities to disrupt the NIP and use enactments to help families build more functional patterns. 
  5. Consistently keep the focus on relationships in sessions and maintain a facilitative role. 
  6. Maintain equal empathy for all family members and cultivate a positive, strength-based collaborative relationship with them.  

This series counts toward required annual training hours in Family Based Mental Health Services but is not currently available for CE credit.

Learn More: Affect in Family Therapy: Modules with Andrew Fussner, MSW

Learn More: Working with Strong Emotion: Modules with Frani Pollack, PhD

Learn More: Mapping in Family Interactions: Module with Joshua Irvine, MA, LPC

Learn More: Outside-In Thinking, Seeing, and Doing: Modules with Jorge Colapinto, LMFT