Crafting Meaningful Treatment Goals and Action Steps

CE Hours: 2.0

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C. Wayne Jones, PhD

This course focuses on one of the most critical components of treatment success, creating meaningful, measureable goals and action steps that are systemically informed.   A case is made for restricting the number of long term goals in order to achieve “laser focus,” which is important to engagement and motivation in the change process.  Guidance is provided on how to choose the best focus for the overarching treatment goal and how to structure it so it is most effective.  This course demonstrates how to apply the SMART approach to the development of clinical goals in intensive, in-home programs.   For development of more achievable action steps, the power of incremental, tiny habits is described and demonstrated.  Concrete examples of both clinically sound and unsound goals and action steps are provided.   

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Explain the rationale for a one-goal treatment plan
2. Describe principles for choosing the best focus for goals in ESFT
3. Demonstrate how to use the SMART format as a rubric for writing and evaluating clinical goals
4. Explain and demonstrate the use of the Miracle Question to push the conversation with families about goals
5. Describe the principle of “tiny habits” and show how to use it in developing achievable action steps

This online distance learning course includes webinars, readings, links to other online resources on trauma, and post-tests to ensure comprehension of the material.

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