Supervising Two-Person Teams

CE Hours: 2.0

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One of the unique features of Pennsylvania’s Family Based Mental Health Services program is that it is team delivered. This adds another level of complexity to supervision. Not only must the focus be maintained on individual therapists’ development within the team, but also on development of the team itself. This course identifies the stages of team development and the most common team-based challenges supervisors face.  The role of the supervisor in supervising two-person teams at each stage of development is highlighted, as well as supervisory strategies for addressing issues that arise.

This course is appropriate for beginner through advanced level supervisors.


Learning Objectives

1. Identify principles of team development.
2. Describe predictable challenges in team development.
3. Develop team learning contracts.
4. Describe strategies for using challenges in team formation to facilitate growth and development.

This online distance learning course includes video web training, required readings, and a post-test to ensure comprehension of the material.

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