Relational Treatment Planning

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Treatment planning in ESFT is more than pro forma paperwork separated from the actual on-the-ground treatment.  It is, in fact, an  intervention that can be a major determinant of treatment outcomes.  If done well, the treatment planning process shifts the viewing of problems and their solutions to a more relational perspective, setting the stage for highly focused, meaningful, productive work with motivated family members. This course describes procedures for making this happen.  Basic principles related to relational treatment planning are described.

This course is appropriate for beginner through advanced level practitioners.


Learning Objectives 

1. Identify the different stakeholders and their uses of treatment planning
2. Conceptualize the treatment planning process as an interventional “process”
3. Identify the cornerstones of effective treatment planning with children and families
4. Explain how to orient families to treatment planning and protect the process
5. Describe the role of highlighting strengths and creating partnerships in successful treatment plans   
6. Describe the elements of a family friendly and clinically relevant treatment plan 

This online distance learning course includes video web training, required readings, and a post-test to ensure comprehension of the material.

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