Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance And their Families

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C. Wayne Jones, PhD

Updated 2/1/19

This course explores in detail the population served by community based programs such as BHRS and FBMHS – children and youth with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) and their families. The course begins with first hand accounts from adolescents with mental illness and their caregivers.  Links to youtube videos, a podcast and readings highlight their experiences related to living with emotional problems and trying to get services. Although there is incredible diversity among these children and families, there are also some common patterns.  These patterns are described in the second unit of this course through a 25 minute webinar.  The question is addressed, “what family interactions maintain or exacerbate SED.”  The implications these patterns have for treatment are highlighted.  The third unit in this course highlights common multi-generational patterns that leave multi-stressed families crisis-oriented.

The course is for the beginner to intermediate level therapists. The target audience is all behavioral health professionals working with children and adolescents.

Learning Objectives 

  1. Describe serious emotional disturbance from the perspective of adolescents and their caregivers.
  2. Describe the characteristics that children with SED have in common.
  3. Describe the characteristics of multi-stressed families.
  4. Describe the impact of chronic family stress on the development of basic social-emotional skills in children.
  5. Identify family interactions that maintain and exacerbate SED.
  6. Recognize the multi-generational context of emotional and behavioral problems.

This online distance learning course includes webinars, readings, links to other online resources, and post-tests to ensure comprehension of the material. Participants can communicate with the instructors via the online moodle interface.  All course content, including post-tests, should take approximately three hours to complete.

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