Understanding Attachment in Families

CE Hours: 6.0

Cost: $72


C. Wayne Jones, PhD

This four part webinar series provides an introduction to attachment theory and how it can be applied to the family treatment of children and adolescents with serious social and emotional issues. The first module describes the role of an attachment focus in the operationalized version of ESFT and identifies clinical competencies involved in helping caregivers become a more reliable source of emotional support to their children. The second module describes the nature of attachment problems.  In the third module, the attachment system and how it creates an internal working model is explained.  The fourth module focuses on the nature of secure attachments, with a particular emphasis on how the concepts of attunement and intersubjectivity can be utilized to deepen therapeutic relationships.

This course is appropriate for beginner through advanced level practitioners.


Learning Objectives

1. Describe the attachment system and how it creates an internal working model.
2. Explain the reasons working with attachment is critical in the treatment of children with SED and their families.
3. Define the clinical skills necessary to strengthen parent-child attachments.
4. Describe the nature of attachment problems and how they differ from attachment disorders.
5. Describe the features of a secure attachment pattern in families.
6. Describe the concepts of affect attunement and inter-subjectivity.
7. Describe the concept of miscuing emotional needs.

This online distance learning course includes video web training, required readings, and a post-test to ensure comprehension of the material.

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