EcoSystemic Case Conceptualization

CE Hours: 2.0
Cost: $36
Instructors: C. Wayne Jones, PhD, Adam Boguski, MDiv

An ecosystemic case conceptualization both describes the interactional patterns creating and maintaining presenting symptoms and also provides an explanation of why family members are so vulnerable to falling into these patterns. It creates a story that humanizes family members and evokes empathy for all the key players. The webinars in this course introduce a critical thinking clinical tool designed to assist therapists in developing a meaningful ecosystemic case conceptualization, the EcoSystemic Assessment Worksheet. A step-by-step guide is provided on how to use it to understand the vulnerabilities and strengths of the child, the caregivers, and the family system. When used together, the NIP (Negative Interactional Pattern) and the EcoSystemic Assessment Worksheet result in a  case conceptualization.  A webinar is devoted to describing what an NIP is and how to map the different steps comprising it.

This is a Beginning Level course. The target audience is all behavioral health professionals working with children and adolescents.

Course Objectives
As a result of completing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the nature of an ecosystemic case conceptualization.

  2. Describe how to complete the three sections of the Eco-Systemic Assessment Worksheet.

  3. Describe the nature of a Negative Interactional Pattern (NIP) and how to map patterns onto the NIP Case Conceptualization Worksheet

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