Tailoring Supervision to the Individual Therapist

CE Hours: 2.0

Cost: $24

The focus of supervision needs to be informed by an assessment of the therapist’s skill set, while the supervisor’s approach to supervision needs to be informed by an understanding of the person of the therapist. This course presents a framework for thinking about the latter, exploring the influence of therapists’ learning preferences, approach to handling emotional intensity, therapists’ personal context (e.g. gender, race, life stage, values), and stage of professional development as a clinician.

This course is appropriate for beginner through advanced level supervisors.


Learning Objectives

1. Identify two general learning styles and how they can affect response to supervision.
2. Describe how the therapist’s approach to handling emotional intensity can affect response to families and to supervision.
3. Describe how the therapist’s personal context can affect response to supervision.
4. Identify four stages of professional development and how this affects the learning needs of therapists.

This online distance learning course includes video web training, required readings, and a post-test to ensure comprehension of the material.

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