Recognizing Family Structure

CE Hours: 2.0
Cost: $24
Instructor: C. Wayne Jones, PhD

In ESFT, treatment is guided by an assessment of how the NIP and the family’s relational structure maintains or exacerbates the child’s presenting problems.  This course focuses on family structure.  Family structure, a concept introduced more than 50 years ago by Salvador Minuchin, provides a framework for describing how a family organizes its relationships to meet the basic functions of being a family.    This course describes family relationships along the three primary structural dimensions of family organization:  subsystem boundaries, hierarchy and power, and closeness distance.  Excerpts from two films are shown and discussed to help participants sharpen observations of family interactions, translate these observations into a structural family map, and demonstrate how family structure shapes treatment.

The webinars in this course are comprised of edited excerpts from a live streaming training provided to a group of FBMHS therapists in PA the Spring of 2021.

This is a Beginning Level course. The target audience is all behavioral health professionals working with children and adolescents.

Course Objectives
As a result of completing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the nature of family structure and family mapping.
  2. Recognize boundaries, closeness-distance, and hierarchy in family interactions.
  3. Describe how family structure can be used to organize treatment.

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