Accelerating the Development of Family Based Competencies

CE Hours: 6.0
Instructor: C. Wayne Jones, PhD

Friday, March 14th, 2014, Pennsylvania Counseling Services, Lebanon, PA.
8:45 AM to 4:00 PM

Learning to see interactional patterns in families, conceptualize problems in relational terms and then actually “do” family therapy can sometimes be a slow journey for new therapists. It is important that trainers and supervisors be organized and intentional in order to be effective.  Towards this end,  a framework is presented for reviewing current strategies used in family based training and supervision.  In addition, the principals and approaches associated with competency based training are explained and contrasted with traditional training.  A list of foundational family based competencies are presented for discussion and refinement.  Recommendations from these discussions will be used to establish pre-requisites for demonstrating competency in family based treatment.

This workshop is designed to help you to: 1) clarify standards for evaluating the effectiveness of training and supervision, 2) explain the principles and strategies of a competency-based approach to supervision an training, 3) identify seven ingredients of teaching programs that are most effective with teaching adult learners, 4) identify and refine foundational family based competencies, and 5) provide suggestions on strategies for improving current teaching practices.

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