Measuring Therapist Competency and Adherence to the Treatment Model

CE Hours: 6.0
Instructor: C. Wayne Jones, PhD

Friday, March 14th, 2014, Pennsylvania Counseling Services, Lebanon, PA
8:45 AM to 4:00 PM

This advanced workshop focuses primarily on two core supervision tools.  One is the Profile of Family Based Clinical Competencies, a tool that is used to help rate therapists on 21 important clinical skills.  Supervisors should plan to discuss individual items, evaluate the clarity of ratings and work together to refine their definition.  The other tool to be explored in depth is the PA Family Based Treatment Adherence Scale.  Supervisors will enhance their skills and increase reliability through rating therapists in video tapped therapy sessions. Demonstrations are provided as to how they can be combined in ongoing supervision to create focus and enhance therapists’ development.

This workshop is designed to help supervisors: 1) improve the reliability of ratings; 2) explain how and when to use each of the supervisory tools; 3) describe a model for integration of these tools into ongoing supervision; and (4) demonstrate the tools usefulness in preparing therapists for the Capstone Project.

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