Supporting Adolescents and Families in Changing Times

CE Hours: 6.0
Instructor: Zack Elisio, LMFT

A Live, Interactive Webconference
July 28th, 2021, Catholic Charities, Harrisburg via Live Interactive Zoom


As a result of completing this training activity, participants will be able to:

  1. List common intrapersonal and interpersonal challenges of adolescence through a developmental lens
  2. Describe external forces such as image, academic or sports pressure and their impact on mental health
  3. Identify strategies for assisting adolescents in navigating difficult peer, romantic, family, and educational challenges
  4. Discuss visible signs of distress as circular symptomatic cycles
  5. Incorporate Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy as a treatment model to support adolescents and their families

About the Trainer
Zack Elisio is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  He received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from West Chester University and his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from LaSalle University.  He is certified in Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy (ESFT). He is currently finishing up my Ph.D. in Bereavement, Loss, and Grief.  His research interests are bereavement in families, childhood loss, couples in distress, conflict and family hopelessness.

Zack has learned that connection with others and with oneself is a powerful tool to heal the devastating blows life can deliver. Symptomatic patterns often result in people becoming lost or stuck in repetitive patterns that contribute to us not living our full-lives. Zack embraces a strength-based, relational framework that supports people in interpersonal as well as individual challenges. He incorporates ESFT/family systems work as well as humanistic approaches to support people in creating the best lives for themselves. 

9:00am-12:00pm: Objectives 1-3
12:00-1:00pm: Break
1:00-4:00pm: Objectives 4-5

This is an intermediate level course. The target audience is behavioral health professionals. This is a live synchronous distance learning activity conducted in real time, allowing for simultaneous participation of participants and instructors from different locations.

Frequently Asked Questions
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