Using Supervision to Help Therapists Maintain a Relational Perspective

CE Hours: 3.0
Instructor: C. Wayne Jones, PhD

A Live, Interactive Webconference
Wednesday, 2/9/22, via Live Interactive Zoom
Thursday, 2/10/22, via Live Interactive Zoom
Friday, 2/11/22, via Live Interactive Zoom


Therapists new to a family systems approach to treatment often encounter difficulty adopting and maintaining a systemic or relational perspective concerning problems and their solutions. A nonrelational or acontextual orientation compromises therapists’ ability to identify problematic family interactional patterns. It also interferes with using enactments, a core treatment method in ESFT. This interactive discussion-oriented training uses supervision videotapes and case examples to identify supervisory strategies for helping supervisees develop a more relational orientation to working with families.


  1. Identify barriers supervisors face in helping therapists maintain a relational or systemic perspective
  2. Identify strategies for addressing these barriers and helping therapists see patterns and context

1:00pm-4:00pm: Objectives 1-2

This is an intermediate level course. The target audience is behavioral health supervisors working within North Carolina’s Intensive In-Home Program. This is a live synchronous distance learning activity conducted in real time, allowing for simultaneous participation of participants and instructors from different locations.

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