FBMHS Booster Training

This case-based clinical series is designed for the Family Based practitioner who has completed both Foundations and Core training hours, and who have established competency in applying the operationalized Eco-Systemic Family Based treatment-model. Therapists who have completed their hours and whose supervisors deem them “capstone ready” are also eligible to participate in this series. The focus is on strengthening and fine-tuning skill-sets associated with the core Family Based clinical competencies across a wide variety of children and families. These skill–sets include: therapeutic leadership, collaboration and accountability, systemic conceptualization, facilitative stance, systemic intervention, identifying relational patterns, and cultivating a therapeutic alliance.  Learning is fostered through viewing, analyzing and discussing within small groups videotaped therapy sessions of the therapist’s own work, that of colleagues, and demonstrations from “the best of Family Based treatment” library. 

There are two booster trainings offered each year at two of our training sites – Philhaven and PCS.  Each training focuses on a slightly different content area related to family therapy