FBMHS Booster Training 2019-2020

This series is designed for family-based (FB) therapists who have completed core training and established competency in applying ESFT.  This curated combination of new didactics and on-line courses, which are open to all FB trainees, are recommended for graduates to help them meet Pennsylvania’s 30-hour annual booster training requirement.  There is also a case-based clinical workshop that is part of this series. This clinical booster training, however, is limited to graduates of FB training.

FBMHS Didactic: Using Family Safety Plans to Prevent Teen Suicide
CE Hours: 4.0

FBMHS Didactics: Recognizing and Treating the Authoritarian Family
CE Hours 6.0

FBMHS Clinical Booster:  Sharpening Skills in Discovering Negative Interactional Cycles  
CE Hours: 6.0

FBMHS Didactic:  Recognizing and Treating Embattled, High Conflict Families
CE Hours 6.0

FBMHS Didactic:  Treating Families with Histories of Complex Developmental Trauma
CE Hours 6.0

FBMHS Online Course:  Eco-Systemic Case Conceptualization
CE Hours 2.0