NC Intensive In-Home

Each year, the Center for Family Based Training sponsors four live training events on applications of ESFT in North Carolina’s Intensive In-Home programs.  These workshops meet the Service Description for NC IIH Services annual requirement for continuing education in the designated treatment model -ESFT.  These workshops complement the ongoing in-depth monthly ESFT case consultations each program has with training faculty. 

Two of the live workshops are designed for all team members using ESFT.  These workshops  demonstrate effective implementation of the ESFT model throughobservation of videotaped family therapy sessions.  Therapists are providedopportunities to practice clinical skills via role plays.  Two of the live workshops are reserved for Trainer-Mentors and supervisors only.   These workshops are designed to ensure that Trainer-Mentors and supervisors know the ESFT model, can recognize when it is being implemented as intended with families (fidelity monitoring), and are able to supervise Team Leads in applying the model effectively.