New Supervisor Workshop: Ensuring Treatment Fidelity, Outcomes, and Building Clinical Competencies through Supervision

CE Hours: 3.5
Instructor: Dan Gilmore, MA, LPC


Friday, 3/1/22, All Sites via Zoom

The ESFT supervisor is responsible to Ensure Treatment Fidelity and Positive Outcomes, Build Clinical Competencies, Develop Functional Teams and Foster Hopefulness and Positive Morale.   A new clinical supervisor in ESFT has to navigate a variety of expectations from stakeholders, training centers, agencies, supervisees and families.  The role can be overwhelming and can be difficult to uphold all of the responsibilities while meeting the various expectations. The course is part of a two part series for New Supervisors in ESFT.  It serves as an introduction to learn the ESFT Logic Model and practice ways to use videotapes, adherence scales, outcome measures, and case conceptualizations in supervision.  The course will allow for the new supervisor to explore and learn how to balance the expectations while ensuring treatment fidelity and positive outcomes while building clinical competencies. 


  1. Describe the 6 stages of ESFT Logic Model
  2. Administer the PA FBMHS Therapeutic Adherence Scale in supervision to ensure fidelity of ESFT
  3. Integrate outcome measures into assessment and treatment protocols


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