Foundations 7: Discovering the Negative Interaction Pattern

CE Hours: 6.0

Friday, 5/7/21, Norristown via Zoom
Friday, 5/7/21, Philhaven via Zoom

This workshop is designed to help therapists develop a systemic case conceptualization through their careful elicitation of the family’s Negative Interactional Pattern (NIP) around the child’s presenting problem. Each of the six steps of the NIP will be described. A major focus will be given to where and how therapists can obtain the information needed for each step in the NIP. This workshop will outline key strategies for engaging families in the development of the NIP and offers multiple opportunities to practice through role play. Since a significant amount of the data used to construct the NIP is derived through observation of spontaneous enactments in therapy sessions, major focus is given to learning “to see pattern” in the room and “pushing the conversation” to elicit more details about the pattern. Participants are shown how the NIP can be translated into treatment goals.


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will be able to:

  1. Explain the link between the NIP, case conceptualization, and treatment planning
  2. Describe the six questions that comprise the six steps of the NIP
  3. Identify the main sources of information for each of the six steps of the NIP
  4. Explain the reasons it is important to create a collaborative context in which family members discover the NIP in partnership with the therapist
  5. Demonstrate through role-play a method for introducing the NIP process to the family
  6. Describe spontaneous enactments of the NIP and how to punctuate these patterns with the family during sessions 

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