The New Diversity: Maintaining Cultural Competency in a New Era of Diversity

CE Hours: 6.0

Tuesday, 9/19/17 – Harrisburg, PA
9:00am-12pm, 1:00pm-4:00pm (6 Contact  Hours)
Trainer: Dr. Susan McGroarty

Development and maintenance of our multicultural competence is an APA ethical mandate.  Researchers have identified recent changes in how multicultural issues are discussed and addressed in both real time and via social media.  These changes can seem overwhelming to busy psychologists and set up the possibility of “diversity burnout.”  Using a PowerPoint slideshow, interactive exercises and opportunities to dialogue, this presentation will outline current challenges, review ethical principles and present some suggestions for maintaining and developing cultural competence.  The facilitated discussion will integrate findings from the literature.   Participant will be presented with a rubric for preventing diversity burnout.

Learning Goals & Objectives

1.      Define cultural competence

2.      Identify two challenges to  maintaining cultural competence

3.      Identify common psychologists’ responses to diversity challenges

4.      Describe the signs of “diversity burnout”

5.      Identify two strategies for managing diversity burnout