Systemic Intervention 2021-2022

Instructor: Jorge Colapinto, LMFT

8:30am to 3:30pm

In cases presented for consultation in these clinicals, the central focus is on seeing process in family interactions.  Based on review of videotapes of family therapy sessions, participants are given the opportunity to recognize pattern, create systemic hypotheses and consider how best to intervene.  Attention is given to recognizing common family patterns such as complementarity, triangulation, conflict-detouring, etc.  Focus is also given to larger system impacts on the family. Systems theory is explained and systemic interventions, such as enactments and reframing, are demonstrated.  Therapists are encouraged to take an active, facilitative role in sessions, seizing upon opportunities to help family members interact in more functional patterns with one another.

As a result of participating in these clinicals, therapists will be able to:

1, Adopt a stance of respectful curiosity and supportive challenge.
2. Identify and map family and larger system relational patterns that maintain the presenting problems.
3. Locate latent family strengths and resources that can be mobilized to effect positive change.
4. Formulate a systemic, contextual explanation of the problems and share it with the family.
5. Expand the family’s experience of the possible by setting up and facilitating pattern-transforming enactments.

This clinical series counts toward required annual training hours in Family Based Mental Health Services, but is not currently available for CE credit.

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