Foundations: Orienting Families to In-Home, Family-Based Treatment

CE Hours: 4.5
Cost: $90
Instructors: Dan Gilmore, MA, LPC, Shannon Stalnaker, MS, LPC

Thursday, 10/5/23, Foundations Group A via Zoom
Thursday, 10/5/23, Foundations Group C via Zoom
Friday, 10/6/23, Foundations Group B via Zoom

This workshop is designed to help therapists introduce and explain the ESFT treatment approach to families.Participants will learn key information to share with families about the ESFT model focusing on both the structure of treatment and the focus on relationships. During the workshop, participants will develop an “elevator pitch” that describes the model quickly and simply, as well as an “orienting script” that provides more information for the family about what to expect during treatment. The workshop discusses systemic thinking, language, and actions that are the cornerstones of ESFT intervention.  .


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will be able to:  

  1. List 6 core mechanisms of change
  2. Develop an “elevator pitch” that simply describes the model; 
  3. Recognize differences between systemic and individualistic approaches

8:25am-11:00am: Objectives 1-2
11:00-11:10pm: Break
11:10-1:10pm: Objective 3

This is a beginner level course. The target audience is behavioral health professionals working within an Ecosystemic Family Therapy Model. This is a live synchronous distance learning activity conducted in real time, allowing for simultaneous participation of participants and instructors from different locations.

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