Foundations: Establishing & Managing the Therapeutic Alliance

Thursday, 10/19/23, Foundations Group C via Zoom
Friday, 10/20/23, Foundations Group A via Zoom
Friday, 10/20/23, Foundations Group B via Zoom

This workshop is designed to help lay the foundations for building and evaluating the quality of therapeutic alliances. Participants will learn key information about the therapeutic alliance including the definition as it pertains to ESFT, differentiation from rapport and joining, and common barriers. During the workshop, participants will use a combination of group discussions and videotape analysis to identify clues to the quality of a therapeutic alliance. Attention will also be given to the importance of having equal empathy for all family members and strategies to engage peripheral/absent members of the family system.  


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will be able to:  

  1. Describe the nature of a therapeutic alliance and how it differs from “creating rapport”
  2. Utilize clues to assess the strength or quality of the alliance with family members  
  3. Define the elements of Equal Empathy

8:25am-11:00am: Objectives 1-2
11:00-11:10pm: Break
11:10-1:10pm: Objective 3

This is a beginner level course. The target audience is behavioral health professionals working within an Ecosystemic Family Therapy Model. This is a live synchronous distance learning activity conducted in real time, allowing for simultaneous participation of participants and instructors from different locations.

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