Foundations 5: Boundaries and Triangles

CE Hours: 6.0

Friday, 2/19/21, Philhaven via Zoom
Thursday 3/11/21, Norristown via Zoom

This workshop is designed to help participants identify, assess, and navigate two of the most common interpersonal processes in families – boundaries and triangles.  Participants will explore the role of both interpersonal boundaries and triangles in influencing family functioning. An emphasis will be placed on learning to identify levels of boundary clarity and boundary permeability. Structural maps are introduced and demonstrated as a method for visually representing the clarity and permeability of boundaries between family members.  This workshop also introduces and describes triangulation in relationship to conflict management in families. An overview is provided of how boundary issues and triangulation play out in four common maladaptive structural patterns. Case vignettes, case presentations, videotape analysis, and structural maps will be utilized to practice identifying triangulation and boundary problems.  Strategies are identified for clarifying or strengthening boundaries in family therapy sessions. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their views of “normal” closeness-distance and their comfort level setting boundaries on others. 


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will be able to:  

  1. Explain the concept of interpersonal boundaries and how they shape family functioning
  2. Identify boundaries and boundary issues during video analysis
  3. Describe two components of triangulation
  4. Depict boundary issues using a structural map  
  5. Describe four common maladaptive structural patterns 
  6. Identify two strategies for clarifying or strengthening boundaries in families

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