Foundations 2: Establishing and Managing the Therapeutic Alliance

CE Hours: 6.0

 Friday, 10/9/20, Philhaven via Zoom
Thursday, 11/5/20, Norristown via Zoom

This workshop is designed to help therapists develop and monitor the quality of their alliances with family members.  Participants will learn what a therapeutic alliance is and how it differs from creating rapport. Common challenges in building a therapeutic alliance with family members and then maintaining equal empathy for them are also described.  During the workshop, participants will use a combination of small group discussion and videotape analysis to identify clues to the quality of a therapeutic alliance. Basic strategies will be provided for developing an alliance with children and caregivers living in fragile, multi-stressed families, then these strategies are demonstrated. Participants will have opportunities to practice these strategies through role play.  Since creating a therapeutic alliance draws on the person of the therapist, participants are asked to reflect on their styles of connecting with different age groups and personalities.  


As a result of participating in this workshop, therapists will be able to:  

  1. Describe the nature of a therapeutic alliance and how it differs from “creating rapport”
  2. Identify clues to the strength or quality of the alliance with family members 
  3. Describe common barriers to developing and maintaining a therapeutic alliance 
  4. Identify two personal strengths and challenges in creating an alliance with children and parents
  5. Explain the key elements of maintaining equal empathy for all family members
  6. Identify basic strategies that promote the development of a therapeutic alliance in treatment 

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